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The worlds best drink bottle for dogs.

Thirsty Dog Bottle is an elegant and portable, BPA Free smart water bottle that’s designed for dogs. Making it the smartest choice for your pets health and active lifestyle.

How does the Thirsty Dog Bottle fit into my life?

Thirsty Dog Bottle was designed to be portable enough to be useful when you need it most. If you’re at the beach, a local park on a road trip. Water is now never far away. There is no chance of your dog getting sick by drinking out of stagnant puddles, algae rich streams or shared doggy bowls. As you fill it with clean, fresh water.

What’s new and meaningful about Thirsty Dog Bottle?

Unlike any other outdated bottles for dogs on the market, ours is unique as you can:

  • Use your bottle on any sized dog! The unique cup design has been engineered to accommodate multiple tongue sizes.
  • Reuse any excess water that your pet hasn’t consumed. This feature allows you to make your water last longer! Simply press the largest white button and tip the bottle backwards and watch the water flow right back in.
  • Leave your bottle unattended full of water safely in your bag or on the back seat of the car. Due to the bottles unique spring-loaded water locking system.
  • Know that your bottle has been made to the highest manufacturing standards with no nasty’s. We use our own sourced high-grade materials. Ensuring we have total control over the manufacturing process. Any plastic we use has been laboratory tested to be BPA-free. You’ll never have to worry about chemical leaching, discolouring and flavour tainting like you would with cheaper copies. Thirsty Dog Bottles are designed to be functional and safe.

How do I use a Thirsty Dog Bottle?

To fill with water. Unscrew the cup anti-clockwise from the bottle. Once filled with water, switch the small button right to display the green indicator to unlock the bottle. Press the large button and tilt the bottle forward to allow gravity to fill the cup.

After your dog has finished drinking. Any unused water can easily flow back into the bottle by pressing the large button again and tipping the bottle backwards – Goodbye water wastage!

If you have any other questions, check out the FAW on the ThirstyDog website.

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